Marina di Chieuti
Tourist Information about Marina di Chieuti

L ‘town of Marina di Chieuti is located on a spur exposed to the Adriatic Sea between the rivers Saccione and Fortore.
The coast of Manna Chieuti is a sandbar about 8 km long in Puglia, on the border between provinda of Foggia and that of Campobasso. The beach is full of beaches covered with vegetation of low maquis, and holds soft years the recognition of ‘Blue Flag’. Demonstrating a sea among the cleanest in Italy. You can make a won inward chieuti, former stronghold of important families (Gonzaga, Avalos, Maresca, …). the old town is characterized by small houses with colorful balconies full of flowers, ancient palarzi and alleys from which you can see panoramic views of the sea. Among the works monuments to the seg-nalare Torre Antica and the Church of San Giorgio click dates back to centuries. XVIII. OANSWIlabet – for lovers of nature and the open g ana report two big woods, called the “Bufalara” and “Valle d ‘Inferno “along the coastal strip, the” Low-Mediterranean ‘with a shore covered with the typical dune vegetation. Sights include the Ancient Lights and the Church Patron of St. George, dating from the eighteenth century